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Related post: QuestStar Chapter14 WARNING: This elwebbs pictures free is a story of friendship, commitment, love and trust. It is not a sex story. However, this story deals with love between male teenagers. If you are offended by stories involving love between two teenage boys, please do not read this story. There may teen porn video bbs be some archives bbs bondage sex scenes in this story; bbs pedo child illegal however, sex is boy bbs imageboard not the main theme. If you kindergarten bbs porn are under age 18 or 21 or it is illegal to read this story where you live, don't read 3d toon bbs imgboard it. Reproducing this story for distribution without the owner's permission is a violation of bbs sex forum that copyright. Author's Message:Hey Peeps! Okay here is chapter 14 - checkout my new story Landsphere which is a schoolgirl bbs lola story beach teens bbs I wrote and posted at LAF, Sam ( QuestStar by Sam Lakes Chapter 14 “First for your sake, Zaron, adult max info bbs I will cover some of the history of the Quadrant. These two should know it if they have been paying sun bbs nudist attention in their history class.” “I know some bbs russian bd sisters of it, sir. I know that the Quadrant is lola bbs child sex compose bbs little pedo pics of five solar system in the Quadrant galaxy,” said Zaron. “No, there are only four, Zaron,” said Garthon, “That’s why it’s called the Quadrant.” “Actually, Zaron is correct. As the fifth system is basically nudist porn bbs hidden,” corrected the Commodore. “Do you know ls bbs fun models where the fifth system is?” “No sir, no one free bbs lol does because arina bbs video it is hidden. It can only be accessed by the portal. The doctor told me there are five portals on each Quad, but no one has found them,” forum little bbs said Zaron. “Do you know what is at the fifth system?” “No sir.” “Do any of you know the name of the fifth system?” “Yes sir,” said Zaron, “it is called ‘Queststar’. It’s where I’m from I think.” “That’s your last rape bbs name Zaron!,” blurted Garthon. “Not really I have no last name. I tgp bbs ass told the doctor that I was japan beauty girl bbs Zaron of the Queststar. He said it would be more bbs forums hacked passwords conventional to be called Zaron Queststar.” “You’re right bbs ls models but let me continue with the teen x bbs history.” Garthon was not paying attention he would look bbs collection at Zaron and then back to the floor back and young models bbs toplist forth as the Commodore continued his telling of the history movies bbs of the Quadrant. “YES! I know who you are! Zaron, I know who you are!” Garthon blurted out again, teeb bbs “You are the heir apparent! I know you pedo bbs usenet are! I’m right aren’t I bbs virgins softcore Commodore!” bbs tpg pics Garthon was now standing and bouncing teen blog bbs with excitement. “The air art young bbs what?” guestbook boy bbs asked Zaron not understanding anything Garthon was babbling about. “OH MY STARS!” screamed Trender as he jumped up from the bed, “GARTHON YOU”RE RIGHT! ZARON IS youngs bbs THE HEIR APPARENT!” “WHAT IN THE NAME OF RIJEL ARE YOU TWO TALKING ABOUT!” yelled Zaron as he jumped to his feet. “Calm down bbs free pedo bbs forums cuties Zaron,” said Garthon. “CALM DOWN!! HOW CAN I CALM DOWN WITH YOU TWO SCREAMING ABOUT ME BEING AN AIR PARROT! I’M NOT A BIRD!” Trender laughed, “Not an air parrot. Zaron, the heir apparent, the rightful successor to King Elron.” “King Elron?” said a very confused Zaron. “A very free porn bbs forum long time ago King Elron, the fozya bbs young benign monarch, ruled a vast empire. He was the greatest king ever because he ruled for the russian naturist bbs people. A brilliant mind bbs incest 15yo who share his discoveries and technology with all. But there are those whose greed over took them and cp adult bbs kids they became evil. They were the mind benders whose only purpose was to enslave the population. The boy bbs board photo king realized too late that these merchants of chaos needed to be stopped before they fozya bbs guestbook enslaved everyone,” said the Commodore. “That’s when he created a safe haven – the bbs passwords nude Quadrant. In the outer yong bbs s portal galaxies it was often referred to bbs cp dark collection as heaven. It was where voyeur bbs jpg life could be live in harmony and peace without fear or persecution for one’s imgboard bbs kids beliefs as long as those teen girl models bbs beliefs were aligned with the precepts of happiness and goodwill towards all.” “The nympho bbs gateways to the quadrant were closed to those who meant harm. Unfortunately, a few got through and kidnapped the king’s oldest son Alron. Alron was held prisoner in the star system Hades the home of the tyrant and dark adult pic bbs lord Sardac D’Val , the creator of mindbenders. The ransom they wanted was the king’s technology. The king knew in the hands of such people billions and billions of people would be enslaved. He refused to give up the technology. For the king’s refusal to deal Sardac D’Val return his oldest son one piece at a time.” “The king formed what is japan bbssex now known as the Royal Protectors to watch over the Quadrant and keep it safe. He moved all his technology to a secret place paran board elwebbs nonude which I think must have russian cp bbs been the 12yr old bbs Queststar system and removed the keys to the portals. The king who was very old at the time returned to his pussy bbs and tgp secret place putting the Royal Protectors in charge. bbs nude gils And it was said pedo ranchi bbs that he told the Royal Protectors that he would not be returning but at sometime in the bbs bestiality future his son would return from nasty sex freepics bbs space. He would be wearing a Xenarian Crystal as verification of his identity. Of course no one bbs fc2 felcher knew exactly what the Xenarian crystal was other than it had new board ls bbs the power to protect him from harm,” Garthon dropped to his knees and bowed his head. “Commodore, when the doctor discovered Zaron and pulled him from the hentai bbs sexy object he was in he saw the Xenarian Crystal and that’s Models bbs sandra why he told him daddys bbs nude never little bbs sexy to let anyone see him undressed bbs nudist videos because they might realize who he pay sites bbs was. Zaron told me that two of the crew of the Andromedes attacked him and the force field killed them. They hegre bbs post saw the pendant and only thought it was something of great value. Their intent was to remove it from him by pussy angel bbs killing him.” “Yes.” Trender dropped alfa bbs to his knees and bowed his head. “Commodore, is what you say bbs little teen models true?” asked Zaron. “Pretty much, bbs dark lol I do believe you jap schoolgirl bbs to be the true heir apparent. My brother, believed it. It was known that King Elron had the ability to angel model art bbs read the minds of others. I believe that ability was passed on to you,” replied the Commodore. “What happens to me now?’’ “You continue your education and training for as your father, Elron, stated knowledge is the greatest gallerie cp bbs young nudism bbs defense against those who wish to enslave. And before you decide to run off to town – in the future you’ll have to have Royal Protectors with you.” “I’m not going to lie to you Zaron. There are those who free bbs child sex within the Quadrant ukraine teens bbs would prefer that you didn’t exist. Things are no longer the same free lol bbs nude as when Elron left. At that time there were many more in the Royal Protectors but as time past we grew smaller. Sad to say although we pretteen bbs are highly respected by most of the population we are bbs porno illegal pics really nothing more than the caretakers of Elron’s estate and still collect the royalties for his inventions.” “It is the High Counsel of the Quadrant that little dolls pics bbs governs the people. There is a faction within the High Counsel of the Quadrant that believe we should negotiate a trade agreement with the Hellion mature toplist bbs bbs teen porn Empire and that the Royal Protectors should be dissolved. So far we have been able to prevent that from happening. Knowledge of your existence would strengthen our position.” “But it also makes a target. We shall do everything we can to protect you. Your guards will have to be hand picked by you and no one else. Of course they will be pre-screened but our methods are not perfect – had they been perfect Jason Calderas would have never been accepted as a cadet.” “You will, bbs dee desi password of bbs teens toplist course, need to be moved from the cadet dorms for boys bbs pics security reasons,” finished the Commodore. Zaron looked down at bbs cp vids his two friends kneeling before him then ptsc bbs back at naked bbs pictures the Commodore, “Will Trender bbs rompl pedo and Garthon live with me? I mean they are Royal Protector Cadets. They could be my personal guards because I totally trust them.” The Commodore smiled and chuckled, “Could I ever with an army of Royal Protectors separate you three?” Zaron laughed, “I teen fuck bbs think not.” Trender start chuckling to himself. “Shhh, Trender, you’ll get me started,” whispered Garthon but it bbs rape teen was too late. The two erupted in uncontrollable laughter. “Zaron are just models bbs archives photos so damn cute,” laughed Garthon. AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey if you like this story and you like fantasy you might like Landsphere which is a story I rorikon bbs naked child bbs sites wrote and posted at Any way, hope you like this story so far - feed back is welcomed and encouraged. You can email me Sam
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